Use TAPI to Make Calls from ConnectWise Through Your Asterisk PBX

If you are using an Asterisk-based PBX as our phone system of choice, then these instructions are for you!

Using the TAPI integration, you can click on any phone number in ConnectWise (and other Windows programs) to have your Asterisk-based PBX call a Company or Contact from your phone extension.

Here is how I have gotten TAPI connections between ConnectWise and Asterisk.

First, download and install SIPTAPI from:

Unzip the folder and follow these instructions for enabling SIPTAPI.

For a 32-bit OS, simply go into the x86 folder and copy the siptapi.tsp file into C:Windowssystem32

Now, go to Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options.

Click on the Advanced tab. You should see SIPTAPI Service Provider 0.2.xx in the list of available providers. (If it is not there, click the “Add” button first.)

Select SIPTAPI and click the Configure button.

On the configuration screen, under SIP Domain, enter the IP address of your Asterisk server.

SIP Outbound Proxy can be left blank.

Under User, enter your SIP extension number you configured in Asterisk. For example, 201.

Under Password, enter the password you entered into Asterisk when you created this extension.

Click Apply and OK.

Now, fire up Connectwise. Go to Other, My Account, Preferences. Select TAPI and select SIPTAPI from the drop down menu.

Now, try finding a contact and clicking the phone icon to dial their number. Your SIP phone/device will ring. When you pick up the phone, there will be a brief delay and you should begin hearing your client’s phone ringing.

A few custom notes for our setup:

In our case, I have also setup the SIPTAPI option “Users’ extension (optional)” and entered in 202. This enables me to be anywhere, click a client’s number from my laptop… my cell phone rings (comes from extension 201) and when I answer my cell phone, a brief pause, and my client’s phone begins to ring.

Hope this helps someone! This should work with any Asterisk installation. 

Another IMPORTANT note:

One important thing to note! Do not, unless you *really* know what you are doing, open up your SIP server to the Internet at large. IE, do not port forward through your firewall to your SIP server so that you can access this remotely with a laptop, etc. Others can take advantage of this to place calls using your server, etc.

What we are doing is this, I connect to the office via a VPN whenever I am working from my laptop. So, I connect over the VPN, my computer can then talk to my Asterisk server directly. I do not route incoming SIP requests through my firewall otherwise.

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